The Universe will match that frequency…

A few years ago a gent came to a ceremony I held. At that point he had not touched alcohol for a year and a half, he was attending AA meetings and basically just trying to ‘get through’ life.
I asked him why he needed AA, to which he responded that it keeps him on track having to attend meetings. I said that I understand the initial assistance provided, but I do not understand the philosophy of ‘I am an alcoholic’ and repeating this over and over again. To me it then becomes your identity, where we should be looking is what actually initially caused you to start drinking and heal that.
He attended another retreat the end of last year and said to me that what I said stuck with him and he decided not to go to more meetings. This has completely freed him with absolutely no desire to drink alcohol. He has seen and faced his pain, therefor this no longer had a hold over him as with the alcohol.
Remember, whatever you say after ‘I am’ is what you are saying over your life.

I am sick & tired.
I am broken.
I am poor.
I am lost, etc etc etc.

The Universe will match that frequency and you will absolutely continue to repeat that pattern for as long as you are speaking it over your life.
Rather start to repeat
I am healing.
I am love.
I am grateful for the lessons and my growth.
I am learning, etc etc etc.

In Love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟