After their plant medicine journey’s, so many people feel incomplete, confused and somewhat shaken. Focused intention and effort is required to understand the amount and type of information we receive in a journey, and then to process this information and apply it to our every day lives is a whole other story… While daily life implementation of the insights gained may be elusive, it is possible if the intention is set. Integration of these incredible experiences may take days, months or even years. We dwell in this state of processing for so long, often directionless, sometimes picking up clues here and there.


Sooner or later, old habitual patterns begin to reassert themselves, and people start questioning the depth of their experiences as they fade from the immediate reality. This is exactly when we should be working on accessing healthier ways and options to bridge our inner being and our daily life. These bridges and options include energy work, attention to nutrition and to your physical body, spiritual practices and psychological processing. Going back to your reality and not applying what you have gained through your experience will mean picking up those old patterns and habits. Making the conscious effort is what makes the integration happen. This will be getting the maximum benefit out of your entheogenic experience.

We offer integration sessions where we work with your journey and lessons received during your ceremony.


We also offer workshops and various retreats to assist you in your growth and understandings on your journey of self exploration. With nature’s own resources, we have been able to assist people off antidepressants, anxiety medication, various drugs, etc. The results have been effective and long lasting which has left our clients filled with joy. If you are considering plants as an alternative to pharmaceuticals and street drugs, you are on the track to freedom. For queries please feel free to email Chloe Joy at