Have you every heard of Adam’s Calendar or the Stone Circles? Perhaps you follow Credo Mutwa and his teachings or know a little something about the Anunnaki…
We will be hosting a special Adam’s Calendar Easter Retreat exploring the ancient ruins in Mpumalanga over the Easter Weekend. This is a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in this sacred history and to do some deep inner-healing work with the Our Heart Centre Team.
The R4400 Retreat Investment includes accommodation in the heart of the Waterval Boven mountains, nutritious meals, two San Pedro ceremonies as well as inner-work healing.
Optional Extras:
Guided Tour: R1000
Sacred Ayahuasca Ceremony: R1800
Changa Ceremony: R450
The Guided tour through the Stone Circles and Adam’s Calendar is a R1000 Investment and is to be booked with us ahead of time.
This is an informative and fascinating tour through these ancient sites.
Space is limited for this special Retreat so please book your spot soonest!
If you would like more information or if you’d like to attend, you can email info@ourheartcentre.co.za.

This Retreat will be over 29 – 31 March 2024 in Waterval Boven, Mpumalanga 🗿