Date : 29 – 31 March 2024

Location: Waterval Boven

Investment: R4400

Including Accomodation, Nutritious Meals, 2 San Pedro Ceremonies and Inner Healing Work


If you are interested in the Anunnaki, follow the teachings of Credo Mutwa or are intrigued with the sacred ancient ruins on our very doorstep, this retreat is for you.
Over this very special retreat we visit the sacred land of Mpumalanga, exploring some of the thousands of the unique and mysterious Stone Circles that lie scattered across South Africa. According to latest estimations there are at least 100 000 stone circles throughout the mountains of South Africa. These very circles perplex astrologists with their alignment to the celestial world, perplex geologists in their intricate alignment with the Zimbabwean ruins and Egyptian Pyramids.
Our Adam’s Calendar retreat is an opportunity for you to reflect and release all that doesn’t serve by laying your personal cross down over this symbolic period of Easter, so that you may rise again on the Sunday renewed and restored.
The R4400 Retreat Investment includes accommodation in the heart of the Waterval Boven mountains, nutritious meals, two San Pedro ceremonies as well as inner-work healing. The Guided tour through the Stone Circles and Adam’s Calendar with Edwin is a R1000 Investment and is to be booked with us ahead of time.
What you can expect on this Retreat:
An informative and fascinating guided tour with Edwin, who works under the infamous Michael Tellinger reveals ancient stories around the origin and direction of Humankind
Understanding the intricacy of the design of the stone circles and uncovering the ancient secrets of their functions
Visiting the sacred site where South Africa’s most famous Traditional Healer, Baba Credo Mutwa, was initiated
A guided tour through Adams calendar, also known as “African Stonehenge” predates both the actual Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids of Geyser, making them one of the oldest man-made structures on Earth. African Shamans have called this completely functional man-made calendar “Inzalo Y’langa” meaning birthplace of the Sun
A visit to the Stone Circle Museum, which is the only museum dedicated to showcasing the ancient ruins and vanished civilizations of Southern Africa
Boven Sacred Waterfall walk
A  fun hike to the rock pools where we get to swim, play and release our inner-child
Connecting to your ancestors and deep healing in your lineage
Shamanic fire ceremony to transmute stuck energy and alchemize your Self for your next phase
Dancing, singing and healing through sound and movement
Optional Add On’s:
Sacred Ayahuasca Ceremony: R1800
(We will be offering a one night Ayahuasca Ceremony over the course of the weekend for those who would like to participate.)
Changa Smoked DMT Ceremony: R450
(We will also be offering a Changa Smoking Ceremony over the course of the weekend for those who would like to participate.)

Please email or WhatsApp +27 72 846 1942 to book your spot 💚