Ladies Retreat

Cost: R2200 Investment

A weekend where you get to press pause on your frenetic life – as a woman, wife, boss, mom, sister, friend and all the other roles you relentlessly fill – in order to realign to what truly matters and courageously connect from the inside out. We share in yoga, breath work, mediation, singing, laughing, dancing, loving and healing all the incredible aspects which make us the incredible women we are. We will be healing ourselves as women, mothers, daughters and sisters while holding each other in love. Just taking a breath, a moment to release and let go all that is holding us back.

We create a new kind of friendship and sisterhood which is deep and sincere. We walk away with such deep healing in our mother wound, our lineage, our pure love. We walk away with the peace and healing we so richly deserve. 


Our Heart Centre Couple’s Retreat

Cost: R2200 Investment Per Person

A weekend of connecting courageously from the inside out with your partner. A weekend where you press pause on life – detaching for a moment from the roles of caregiver, boss, mom, dad, sister, brother, friend and all the other roles that you so relentlessly fill each day- in order to realign to that which truly matters. This retreat for couples includes the tranquillity of the beautiful surroundings, the time away from work and commitments which will jump-start your relationship with new tools, new insights and new understandings you will be receiving in order to make the necessary shifts in order to get your relationship back on track. And, if it is already on track, it will certainly improve the quality of your relationship as you dive deeper into your love. Couple’s retreats are a great way to connect back to life. We will be sharing in breath work, meditation, walks and fun activities which ensure a deepening of your bond with yourself and your partner.

Our Heart Centre Plant Medicine Retreats

Cost: R2900 Investment

These exclusive retreats are designed to help you uncover and release past trauma’s and deep wounds which are consciously or subconsciously holding you back from living your best life. Often, traumas which are hidden or not understood drive us in our everyday lives to make decisions in relationships and work which manifest in more trauma, hurt and pain.

Hurt people hurt people. These wounds start to bleed onto others causing more trauma, pain and hurt, not only for ourselves, but those we love and care for.

We address these underlying driving forces and help you to accept, understand and release these patterns which have held you captive for so long. These retreats give people enlightening experiences which changes lives for the better. There are astonishing positive effects such as finding out your life purposes, cured incurable sicknesses and finding out the truths and mysteries of the universe. For more information on these retreats, please contact Our Heart Centre directly.

Our next Plant Medicine Retreat will be from 28 – 30 May 2021 in Magaliesburg.

plant medicine retreats

In Care of Self Retreat

R2900 Investment

The In Care of Self Retreat is an opportunity to step away from everyday life and focus on yourself and your connection to your spirituality, no matter what form that takes shape in your life. You don’t have to be a guru, well-versed in a spiritual or religious practice, or even subscribe to a particular faith tradition to take part. All you need is the willingness to recenter your thoughts to get you going on the path that’s most right and most rewarding for you. Here are five things attending the In Care of Self retreat can do for you.

1. Develop a Stronger Connection to You
With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be difficult to allocate time for ourselves, whether it be for exercise, meditation, prayer, relaxation, or anything else. Though many of us don’t like to admit how technology makes us weak in the knees, it gives us a finite and desperately needed excuse to turn away from our cell phones and resist cyber-communication. This way, we can practice being more present and better take in what the experience at hand has to offer.

2. Make Inner Peace a Priority
If you find yourself being worn down by stress at work, home, and elsewhere in your life, this retreat is an excellent opportunity to learn, in real time, from other people who can help guide you toward the feeling you want to achieve: peace. Over the course of the retreat, you’ll be exposed to teachings that are intended to help you make sense of your every thought and realign each one in a positive and peaceful direction. You’ll have the chance to put those lessons into practice, whether through prayer, meditation, or meditation in action. Doing so sets you up with the tools to bring inner peace into your life long after the retreat is over.

3. Connect with Kindred Spirits
The In Care of Self Retreat is created in such a way that we provide instruction, yet support, for overcoming your most challenging inner conflicts. These come from experienced facilitators and practitioners and fellow attendees, who, more likely than not, are there for similar reasons. In fact, connecting with others on the same wavelength is an invaluable resource. You’ll have the chance to discuss new ideas, learn about the journey of others, share your own, and exchange constructive feedback in real time. You also have the opportunity to ask pointed questions and get answers you may not be able to readily find in a book or across other sources. Overall, its this feeling of unity-
that you are all working to create a more connected and peaceful life together- that offers you the chance to build relationships that may last a lifetime.

4. Have Fun
Whether you’re having trouble getting into your meditative zone, are not accustomed to talking about your feelings, feel nervous about what to expect at a retreat, you are not alone! People who attend and host retreats come from a variety of backgrounds, locations, and life experiences. Though some may be more experienced spiritual practitioners, there are certainly those for whom it is their first time. Everyone traverses a unique road when it comes to self-improvement, yet it’s important to allow yourself some room for relaxation and just enjoy the journey.

5. Become a Better Teacher to Others
Once the retreat is over and done with, it’s time to go back to your grind. But, how can you make lessons you’ve learned from the retreat stay with you? Try setting concrete resolutions for yourself. For example, you could commit to expressing more gratitude, from anything as simple as saying “thank you” more often, offering three genuine compliments to others every day, or by keeping a gratitude journal. Not only would such specific tasks like this help you put the knowledge you’ve gained into practice, but the people around you will take notice of the progress you make in your spiritual journey. This opens a door to deeper and more meaningful conversations with the people in our lives and allows us to exchange the pearls of wisdom discovered and practiced at a retreat. Dharma Master Cheng Yen once said that “a thousand candles may be lit from one.” Try attending a retreat for yourself and be the candle that shines a light of peace onto others.

The retreat will include:
– Learning about healthy eating habits (juicing, supplements and nutrition)
– Morning and sunset movement and meditation practices.
– Skin care health.
– Circle time with facilitated process, group discussion and sharing.
– We will be teaching and guiding you on physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual health practices.
– Discover, explore and experience what Self Care looks and feels like in yourself and in your life.
– Empowering and practical tools to support self-care in your daily life.
– Time in nature.
– Self-enquiry & reflection.


Mother and Daughter Retreats

Cost: R2200 Per Person Investment


   • Do you feel your communication with your daughter/mom needs improvement?
   • Would you like to improve your relationship with your mom/son/daughter?
   • Does it feel sometimes like you and your daughter/mom speak a different language?
   • How do you overcome and breakthrough the separation?
   • How do you rebuild a foundation of trust?
   • How do you heal, improve, and strengthen the relationship with your daughter/mother?

Your relationship with your daughter/mother is one of the most important relationships in your life! When you heal this, you heal the most important aspects of who and what you are.

Join us for this empowering Mother & Daughter Weekend Retreat to help you breakthrough the walls of mistrust and pain, so that you and your daughter/mother can develop a more connected relationship.
In this powerful Retreat, you will both learn the importance of loving and respecting yourself, making good decisions, and communicating without unnecessary emotional outbursts. You will learn how your behaviour and communication style plays a big part in confidence & security in your every day life. Not only that, but you’ll learn how to be the person your daughter/mom listens to, starting right now.
Whether you are trying to mend a damaged relationship or deepen an already connected relationship, this Breakthrough Retreat will be a powerful life-changing experience for you both.

Mother Daughter Raw