Be open.

I try to stay away from discussions of religion and belief systems on fb due to people’s sensitivity, people’s prejudice, people’s defenses and attacks… But something happened the other day which made me smile and has brought me to write this post.
One of my dear and treasured friends said they didn’t ever broach the subject of what I do because they are Christian and they believe in God above in Heaven.
This made me smile!!! What do people think I believe?? 😆

I simply cannot & will not subject myself to a religion. I live in knowing, not a belief system. The God I serve is above, but also all around me & in every face I see, in every tree, every plant, every smile, every sorrow. In the lion and tiger, and even the ants and mosquitos. My God is SO much more than the God who is only above… My God is within me, encouraging me to be the creator of my own world, to shine bright and to be all I can be!!
In the whisper in the wind, in the chirps of the birds… The angels which surround me hold me close in my loving God’s embrace. I don’t believe in the kind of god I was taught to fear.

With the work I do, I am privileged to tap into all energy to help shift, to help heal ourselves and our planet.
With the work I do, I am privileged to assist ALL people from ALL religions and belief systems.
I was blessed to assist a young Muslim lady at one of our retreats. Wow, what an incredible energy! What a beautiful soul who is wanting to help the world grow and therefore healing herself in order to help others. She taught me so much about the Muslim people and the Islamic faith, prayers, belief systems and so much more. Just incredible!!! Did you know that the Muslims pray certain times of the day to tune into the sky’s chakras? Now why would I not want to know this? Why would I not want to engage anyone because what they believe is different to what I know?
Find out who your friends are. Find out what they believe. Find out what makes them happy.
How I feel when I am around you is important to me. Do you drain me or do you bring me joy? Do you hurt me or do you make me smile? Quite simply, believe what you want to believe, but your kindness determines whether I want to be around you or not…

In Love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟