Date: TBA

Time : 9am to 5pm

Our Heart Centre, Midrand

R1800 Investment for both days


Everyone is rushing through life at a hundred miles an hour going from experience to experience without taking a moment of true introspection. We break our psychological bones into pieces and hardly give a second thought to actually healing them. And so, we become a fragmentation of our true selves. We are living like haunted houses, filled with the ghosts and demons of our past, and we become so accustomed to this background of pain and suffering that we live with, that life has to bring us back down to rock bottom before we are finally willing to face our darkness. We can heal before we get to this space!

Healing brings you everything that you are looking for. A heart that is truly at peace with itself is the greatest treasure that one can ever find! The Universe is benevolent and it wants to give you everything your heart desires, but to receive its abundance, you first have to let go of all the pain and anger you’re holding on to.


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