For me, the most important thing to come out of my plant medicine experiences last year was a sense of PERSPECTIVE.

A deeper understanding of the profundity of soul, and spirit, and Universe…

An awareness of the infinite mysteries of the metaphysical, and of my humble space within it all…

A sense of safety and belonging that far exceeds the superficial, a calmness, a wholeness, a peace…

I am eternally grateful to Angy-Lee, Frits, Kath and Paul for the sanctity with which they approach their roles as guides, and for how powerfully and lovingly they hold space for all of those within it.

It feels always completely safe, completely protected, completely secure. To be vulnerable and exposed in such a beautiful and truly kind space allows for the healing to begin. And that’s when the magic happens. 😉

In love.

Honey ❤

Firstly, to my beautiful Angy-Lee… if u only knew how proud I am of u, and the woman that u are. You have built a beautiful healing centre, u serve beautiful medicine, YOU ARE beautiful medicine.

So far I have attended 3 uniquely different ceremonies held at Our Heart Centre, unlike any I’ve ever experienced before. The first – an all women’s Ayahuasca ceremony. The second – a voice opening ceremony accompanied by San Pedro. The teachings in both journeys were profoundly clear, and major shifts occurred in my life afterwards. The third ceremony (and most magical) was the family connect ceremony, where I was able to share the sacredness of plant medicine with my 11 month old daughter.

To Ang, Paul, Fritz and Kath… thank u for holding solid space. It is held with love, it is held with integrity, it held with pure intention. I love u guys, I trust your space, I am moved by your music, I feel held and supported by every one of u every time, and I am eternally grateful for the work we get to do together.


In life, there are experiences that could, perhaps, send you sprightly hopping and skipping around with a colossal grin painted across your soul; some experiences you have, perhaps, make you feel so miserably vulnerable, despondent or lost. There are some from which you gained the most indescribably beautiful love and others, from which you gained the most excruciatingly painful growth.

In all of these experiences, you find – lying beneath the joyous smile, or the gloomy downturned frown – the rawest and most true part of who you are.

With this extraordinary truth, comes the profound responsibility to accept it. To accept yourself. Who you are. Why you are. What you are.

By doing that, you take full control of your life and who you are. YOU get to decide what’s the absolute best for yourself. YOU (and only you) get to decide exactly what you want out of life; out of your career, out of your friendships and relationships etc.

This is by far the most valuable lesson I was guided through on an Ayahuasca journey. From this, and countless other divine encounters with the beautiful medicine of Ayahuasca and San Pedro, I have gracefully been able to steer myself out of a rather miserable period of drug and alcohol abuse, self-hatred and utter hopelessness.

I am so immensely grateful for the road I have walked and I wouldn’t change a single experience I have had because every last bit of it has carved me into the glorious woman I am today. With the most warmth and sincerity that one could possible carry, I can say, that without plant medicine and without the caring and loving guidance of the magnificent Our Heart Centre team, I would not be smallest fraction of the person I am today.

Every single member of the Our Heart Centre family that I have met has had a profoundly positive impact on my life and my growth. The facilitators; Angy-Lee, Frits, Paul and Kath, have each in their magical ways, helped me through some of the most grueling and equally exhilarating parts of my journey. Not to mention, the immensely powerful knowledge that I have gained through the integration, workshops and gathering hosted by the absolutely stellar, Angy-Lee.

As cheesy as this sounds, Tina Fey once said “You can’t be that kid standing at the top of the waterslide, overthinking it. You have to go down the chute.” This would be my advice to anyone contemplating a plant medicine journey with the phenomenal Our Heart Centre team. My life is miraculously different in all aspects and I am proudly accepting of who I am because of the wonderful work this team, and myself have done. <3

Chloé Joy 

 What’s it been like being a part of the Our Heart Centre family over the past 2 years or so? 💚 Where do I start? 👀

It feels like I’m a completely different person leading a completely different life than I was 2 years ago 🎭 And it makes me wonder, did my life really change that drastically? Factually, did my life really become all that much “better”? 🤔 I mean, I had good enough friends, a good enough job, a good enough home, a good enough set of values I upheld, good enough health and a good enough sense of self.

So what really changed?

Well. My perspective 🔬

I can’t remember much of my first Ayahuasca ceremony, but it was really cool! My mind was blown 🤯 Seeing “things” I’ve never seen before, experiencing them in ways I didn’t know I could experience things. It was magical. And I’ve always had an affinity towards weird and wonderful things that lie BEYOND 💫 and I’ve always known there is something MORE. So yeah, that’s how I would describe it: really cool 🤩

After my mind was blown wide open, it started sinking in that all these weird and wonderful things weren’t “beyond” or “up there”, they were inside all along!🐚 The integration and continuation of these things into MY LIFE has been the most blessed aspect of being part of Our Heart Centre. But we’ll get there…

Back to my first “set” of experiences (which was Ayahuasca ceremonies, Changa ceremonies, Sound Therapy Meditations and generally getting together with the Our Heart Centre family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦)

Okay, so my mind is blown. My perspective is expanded, and can never go back to being narrow, cause now I experienced what I experienced… now what? 🤷🏽‍♀

Well. In that expansive state, my perspective began to change! Just like that. All that seemed “good enough”, just wasn’t cutting it anymore ✂ and how I was living my life, wasn’t either. Yes, factually, things were just fine, but I just realized I’m worth so much more than “just fine” and have the power (had it all along! 💪🏽) to change my life from “just fine” to AWE-SOME!

2 years later or so:

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 I have friends that I call family, and my family is much smaller and more precious than my friend circle ever was;

💻 I literally have the same actual job, but it’s now at a firm that makes me want to actually wake up in the morning and fall in love with what I do every day;

🏡 I moved to a city I love, live in a beautiful home and finally live with my amazing partner, and my already pretty good relationship with my parents back in my hometown has just sky-rocketed as we grow together spiritually;

🙏🏽 I live by considering whether something serves me, rather than a set of rules, and am way more spiritually obedient because the obedience is being directed towards my self and higher purpose;

🍲 I am reconnected with my body and listen to what it needs more acutely, and with the help of a wonderful nutricianist I met through Our Heart Centre, I have learned how to actually feed myself; and

🕴🏽I have a direct line of communication with my Higher Self and with Source, and my sense of self and ability to “Self” (verb) has became more and more natural.

Alright so perspective expanded, perspective changed, and here I am 2 years later… how?🧐 And that’s where the integration and continuation I found at Our Heart Centre has played the biggest role!🙌🏽 So I’m going to share a little piece of what I have learned from each below.

🌵 Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Changa ceremonies:

The ability to work on myself and my life from a heightened yet deeper perspective has made things more efficient than I could’ve imagined. I have abolished deep-rooted traumas I wouldn’t even allow in my conscious wake, literally couldn’t even face them in my own mind, and was able to face them head on and dissipate them in a few moments during the ceremonies, after YEARS of not even being aware of some of them.

🎶 Sound Therapy Meditation:

A weekly opportunity to share, relax, retune, readjust, and check in on what areas need focus for the upcoming week. And a weekly opportunity for my mind to take a back seat and let my heart and soul do some work. There have been some weeks I didn’t even want to share because I thought I would just bum everyone out with how terrible things have been with me. But alas, it turns out that that week has been challenging for everyone, and we all just hold each other in a safe space, just by relating, connecting and knowing we’re going through life together.

✨ Family Constellations:

I learned so much about what gets passed down blood lines and generations. This was such an insane experience, I can hardly describe it. Learning about how to break generational patterns, the power of speaking to people’s soul and the acknowledgement of my power to start or end things that I will one day pass on or ensure I don’t pass on to my descendants.

🌈 Chakra Workshop:

I’ve been blessed enough to have attended the workshop twice, and it boggles my mind how I have had a different class every time. What stood out for me in the first class is so different from what stood out the second time, and I’m sure the same would be true for the third time and fourth. The integration I received from Chakra classes was and is invaluable. Every week is about taking all those weird and wonderful things and putting them into PRACTICE, every week is about bettering MY quality of LIFE. This has been my favorite part, because “be positive” was not enough for me anymore, I needed REAL steps and guidance, and it has shed so much light on the intricacies of life.

🛠 Crystals, Angel Cards, Incense, Oils, Apps, Links, Symbolisms

And along the way, I have come to know all the tools that God has put on this earth for me to use and access freely and with more understanding. Much of these tools I learned about and gained an understanding of during Chakra classes. It’s been amazing!

What an awesome journey 🛤

What amazing people I have the honor to walk with 🐾

What an amazing life 😍

Thank you, Our Heart Centre! Thank you, Universe! Thank you, Me!

Sinalo ❤

I feel so much flippen joy in my heart man and just can’t help but express it 💚  

A year ago, I honored the call and came to Our Heart Centre and my Divine Mother with what was left of my life, left of my heart and what was left of me as a person. Prior to this, I really wanted to change but despite this, time and time again, my life and my heart were left in many pieces and I was sick and tired, I was truly sick and tired of being and living broken.

Enough truly became Enough.

And.. I didn’t know how or where to begin again, so….

I surrendered.

I attended my first ceremony in September 2018 and this is what I took with me into the ceremony, the fact that I didn’t know how or where to begin and that I was desperate, I was desperate to save my life because despite the pain of many years, Life still felt worth fighting for, there were also real people in my life that still made it worth fighting for.

In this ceremony I was willing to accept help without any of my own conditions attached to it. I reached out my hand in the hope that someone or something would be there to take it.

And there was more than one hand to take my own, I left this ceremony with more than healing, I left with hope. 💚

This was the beginning and from here, my wife and I were fortunate enough to have been gifted the opportunity to attend the voice opening ceremony as a wedding gift by OHC and it was here that I learnt to listen. I then invested myself into an 8 week Chakra Workshop which was absolutely incredible, especially leading up to a very special ceremony called Vaal Water.

It is important for me to mention that although I did not know it at the time, not for a single second through out this entire process, no one let go of my hand be it in or out of medicine and I remained willing to accept help in doing that which I did not know how to do for myself.

Then Vaal Water… for this ceremony, I found my fight and I was willing to give it my all, my absolute everything, no matter what happened because I believed in the medicine and I believed in the people serving the medicine and after the work was done, for the first time in my life…

I started to believe in myself again.

From here, I decided that I would give everything of myself to do the work in and out of medicine because it was absolutely worth it, I ensured that I attended Sound Meditation every week after this ceremony and until today it is the cornerstone of every Wednesday for me, I can assure you that the magic does not end after ceremony or integration, it never stops if you are willing to stay connected and Sound Meditation is vital in maintaining that connection, it is also the bridge between ceremonies and I also find that each week the connection of those who attend deepens and deepens. Sound Meditation is it’s own ceremony.

Vaal Water is bigger than the individual and for those who know, our world is a better place because of the work that is done in this space.

I have come to learn true Respect.

I write these words following my last ceremony, the Stars Retreat and it was my best ceremony so far 💚 it is only because I was blessed with the most amazing gift I could ever have ever received…

That I am worthy.

My intention is not to share this in order to blow the wrong kind of smoke, you see, within a year, I am not the broken boy I use to be. I am a man that has taken responsibility for his life and it has changed in ways I never would have BELIEVED possible, never. There are many false truths with respect to the medicine and I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight, Mother Aya is not here to be feared or to be spoken of in a manner that instills fear, she is here to heal with unconditional and absolute love but only if you are willing to meet her where you are at and walk the journey with her.

This is the truth.

And it is here where I will also never ever doubt the intentions of Our Heart Centre, I am a testament to the work that this family does and the integrity and love with which they do it.

The rest is up to you.

Rayno 💚

OH WOW!!! 😍

I’m soooooooo glad you’re offering the Chakra Workshop again!!! If I was staying in the country I’d probably just do it all over again because I loved it so much the first time!!! 😉


I know that sounds like hyperbole, bit it’s TRUE.

I learned so much about myself, I learned to unlock so much that I hadn’t even realized was blocked, I learned how to be at peace with myself, and present in my immediate space.

THANK YOU for everything that you’ve guided me towards, and through, and out of.

This workshop was such a massive part of my spiritual growth. ❤ YAY for having it again next year!!!