Learn and Do Better.

Do you remember that time you ‘quickly’ looked at that text while you were driving? Do you remember thinking that you’re such an amazing driver, it doesn’t really matter… Now, every single time you see someone reading a text while driving, think of that moment, remind yourself of what it looks like and what the outcome could be and remind yourself to not ever do that again.

Do you remember that time that someone hooted at you when the robot turned green, but you were in a daydream and not one hundred percent focused because you have a million things to do and thoughts running through your mind? Now, every single time you’re ‘stuck’ behind someone who is sitting at a green light unfocused, think of that moment and don’t hoot ferociously or swear at them in frustration, just smile, knowing you too have been there.
Do you remember that moment you reversed out of your parking and ‘didn’t see the car coming’? Now, every time you’re in a parking lot and a car reverses, think of that moment, stop your car and allow them to reverse out and give them a smile, knowing you have been there.

We judge and cast blame so quickly, forgetting that we too do these things. We talk our way out of it with all the excuses in the world.

Every time you cast judgment, stop and remember that they too are flawed, just like you. Learn and do better, this is the way we change our inner world, and the outer world will follow, one by precious one. Developing compassion is what we need most in this world right now.

In love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟