Deep Gratitude.

This morning I have woken up with the deepest gratitude in my heart. Nothing I am or have came with privilege, it came with hard work, a good heart and so many, many, many lessons.
This year has truly been a year of miracles for me personally, and we’re only in July ☺️ Imagine what will happen in the 2nd half of the year?!

I won’t go into detail, but to name the big ones, my miracles this year have been renewal from the renewal retreat; a huge shift with Kundalini work; my brother Darryn Van Heerden and sister-in-law Tracey Van Heerden (miracle of miracles of love); my brother Kurt; my beautiful, amazing nephew Cameron Van Heerden; the March Equinox retreat for balance; sharing my birthday with my family (a true miracle); the Easter retreat at Adam’s calendar; being at beautiful Zion’s birth with Malvern Baloyi & Niharah Chism Baloyi; the Season’s retreat where MAJOR shifts occurred; my hubby and my son’s health; moving onto our new property and new home of Our Heart Centre which has been a 20 year dream; having a complete team of the most incredible souls; and of course meeting our newest family member, our puppy Isis.

I am open to seeing and receiving miracles every single day. The simple act of seeing a sunrise as a miracle opens you up to all the miracles you need. My miracles, every day, brings me to my knees in humility, awe and tears. I am moved by life in every single way.

What are your miracles you have experienced this year? What are your victories? Let’s celebrate each and every one of them so that we may be open for more.

In love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟