Every single day we are presented with various splits in the road. An intersection where we get to choose…

  • Do I sit and watch TV or do I work in the garden
  • Do I sleep in or do I walk/exercise/sports/yoga/train
  • Do I work late or spend time with my family
  • Do I keep quiet when people walk all over me or set healthy boundaries
  • Do I eat the bread or something healthy
  • Do I react or do I pause and then respond
    Etc, etc, etc…
    These are offered in all shapes and forms all day long. We are presented with opportunities to better ourselves at every corner.
    The easier way is usually the comfortable way.
    I challenge you to get out of your comfortable state and start to live, start to do things that serve your well being!! Start to face your fears! Start to explore all avenues and opportunities presented to you!!
    It is SO worth it and requires a bit of effort but HUGE rewards!!
    In Love,
    Our Heart Centre 💟