Dreams Do Come True.

I remember that moment so well!! I was sitting on my friend’s veranda telling him about the Holistic Healing Centre I want to create. I had just been through, and was still going through some major trauma, but I knew in my heart of hearts that I just HAD to help others on their path of healing.

As a little girl, I thought I would become a social worker and help abused children. In my late teens, I studied so hard at Bible College thinking I would help lost souls. And after studying really hard at the school of life in my twenties, it became my dream to help any and everyone who needed me. I had been through it all on every level and was determined to be there for others.

I started studying all kinds of modalities from Metaphysics to Reiki, Trauma release to Emotional Freedom techniques, Sound to Sound Therapy, Shamanism to Traditional Healing, Chakra to Shadow work, Life Coaching to NLP and all the smaller courses offered in between… with oh so many, many, many valuable lessons delivered through life, love and everything in between.

Four and a half years ago we started Our Heart Centre. We used venues all over South Africa and Namibia as well as doing one on one consults from a room in our home. We then built The Healing Room on our property for consults, workshops, meditations and so on. What an incredible four and a half years it has been. Absolutely incredible healing and growth for all the attendees as well as for us personally. 😍

In exactly one week we will be moving to my dream. My first dream of doing social work, the second of helping lost souls and finally, the dream I dreamt of 20 years ago, and they are all finally coming true. I kept to the dream, watered the seeds, toiled the land and it is finally coming to fruition. Our Heart Centre will be expanding and continue to enjoy healing and growth on all levels. There are so many beautiful offerings on the table and so much we will be adding to our basket of love to you. 🥰

Dreams DO come true!! Continue to plant the seeds and water them. Continue to dream and to believe. It may take a month, it may take two years, it may take twenty… The Universe truly knows what’s best for you, trust and walk forward in faith.

In love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟