God’s Will.

We gain a life… That’s God’s will.
We loose a life… That’s God’s will.
No, that’s the natural order of life and death.
We fall ill… That’s God’s will.
We recover from illness… That’s God’s will.
No, disease is dis ease manifested in your body, and when you heal your understanding of the lesson of the disease, you heal yourself.
We fall pregnant… That’s God’s will.
We have a miscarriage… That’s God’s will.
No, that’s a soul contract before you both even enter this life.
And I can give you a gazillion more examples…
Do you not know that you are a part of this God you speak of and pray to ‘up there’ in the heavens?
Start to man-ifest and create the world you want.
Start to own up and take responsibility for all your decisions and the direct results of your decisions.
Start to live each day in the wonder of God experiencing Himself and Herself as an expression through and with you.
Start to see yourself in nature and in love, your life will never be the same again!!
To put all this heavy weight on a God ‘up there’ for things going wrong, and for things going right, is just unfair…
Yes, I pray and I give thanks every single minute of every single day. I live in the gratitude and it is expressed in my actions.

In love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟