Distractions To Feelings.

We don’t want to feel any kind of discomfort, so we walk (sometimes run) away from it.

We turn to all kinds of distractions like food, smoking, alcohol, socializing, work, drugs, etc etc. No, I have absolutely no judgment towards any of the things listed, I do however feel it needs to be addressed when it is a distraction to feeling.

The only way out is through! We need to sit with the discomfort in order to allow it to teach us what it has come to show us, or, to allow it to shift through. If we don’t do this, it starts to compound and eventually causes a collapse.

The first step is to acknowledge the discomfort. Then try to name the discomfort, perhaps it’s sadness, disdain, anger, grief, etc. Ask it then what it is trying to teach you or help you shift. The answers will absolutely come if you give it the space and the listening heart.

Every time you try to reach for one of your crutches, stop yourself and then ask what it is you want from this crutch. Don’t ask why, ask ‘what’, and until you get the answer, keep asking what until you finally understand what you’re needing to see/learn.

Here’s to your growth, here’s to your release and here’s to your peace. 💚🦋

In Love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟