Breaking Patterns.

Breaking patterns and bad habits… What a story, but what a victory once your are through!

When I stopped smoking, I realized that the space I was left with needed to be replaced. I consciously decided to replace that bad habit with a positive one, one that is good for me. So, every time I felt like a cigarette, I drank water until eventually I was drinking water without thinking of a cigarette. If I left that space open, I would have reached for food or alcohol, and we know where that leads to.

Two years ago I had to stop eating/drinking dairy. It was quite something to stop, but again, I replaced it with incredibly healthy options and I could literally feel the difference in my body, my mental and emotional self and I will never look back. It was the same with red meat, pork, gluten and wheat… How I felt was more important that what I was ‘missing out’ on. I found incredible replacements and my whole family gets to benefit as well!!

A year ago my podiatrist picked up that my right leg is slightly shorter than my left and this is why I kept on twisting my ankle as well as having tremendous pain in my glutes, hips and back. Off to the recommended Chiro I went and wow, having lived with this for SO many years, there are terrible habits which have formed. So, it’s another pattern and habit which I am pleased to say I broke & reformed into a healthy and positive one. There are many things which I had to start doing differently, how I bend, how I reach, how I sit and how I work. A few weeks in and I can already felt a difference. Yes, I had to take 3 steps backwards, but a necessary 3 steps in order to slow down, teach myself patience and take those ten steps forward. Now I am happy to say I have consciously healed that pattern.

My message to you is to take note as to what is slowing you down or holding you back. Remember too that one thing may work for someone but not for another, so see which work for YOU!! One by one work on changing patterns and forming new, healthier habits. And a biggie, be patient!! It is SO worth it!

In Love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟