When You Touch One Life, You Touch Many.

I received this incredibly beautiful message, I just have to share it as a reminder to us all how when we touch someone’s life with a simple gesture, a word of encouragement or advice, with love… We are touching all the lives of that person’s life too. I am going to print this out a put it on my wall, just wow 🥰🌈💚🦋

Hi there Angy-Lee 🌻
I hope you are staying very blessed. 🙏

I don’t know if you can remember me, as we only met once before.

A few years ago, ONE conversation with you broke so many chains in my life and helped tip me over into a spiral of healing and growing.
It starts with me trusting in your very integrity as a healer, against even my own heart, in a key decision in my life. I held off on marrying someone, who I now see is on a completely different journey than mine. If I had not trusted that what you said came directly from your own heart and not from a whisper in your ear from a person with no love to spare for me, my life would be infinitely different and sadly not for the better.

Beyond that though, some things that you said stuck in my heart.
You gave me courage to follow my beliefs, even when in our society it is so poorly understood. I saw how beautiful, happy, and fulfilled you looked, felt your welcoming kind encompassing aura (one that in my head I like to think of as the god aura-if they know). It gave me courage to stand in my truest heart’s desires, and abandon a fear of non acceptance for understanding what others might not.
I always go out of my way to compliment someone’s beauty, and if they respond negatively toward themselves, I implore them to say thank you, even if they don’t believe it, until they do, because it’s true. Three of my sisters have also made this a part of their lives actively. If it stuck to others I’ve encountered, I don’t know, but it sure made every single one of them smile.
I know you would like us to share the entirety of your posts, but sometimes I share some of what you post with an all ladies Bible study group that I sometimes go to. There have been some awesome discussions stemming from them. I know some of the things have been discussed at a big biker church, and I’m sure numerous families and friends of all those people too. (please don’t be angry I do do this with lots of teachings)
None of those people probably even know who Angy-Lee is, they probably haven’t met you, but some of what you are has touched them all. Little sparks shooting far and wide, it might not be enough to light a fire, but it will definitely bring a smolder.

I felt today might be a good day to remind you that you have touched more souls than you might be aware of.

Thank you, for that conversation years ago Angy-Lee, thank you for embodying love, thank you for your journey.

In eternal love ❤️