Giving Gratitude.

I have made absolute peace with everything!! I give thanks for absolutely everything!! 💚🦋

To little me, the small child who was scared of this world… Thank you for being so brave!
To my parents, thank you for giving me the spark of life, the opportunity to live!
To my brothers and sisters, thank you all for teaching me such valuable lessons!
To the hell I walked through, thank you for showing me what true alchemy is!
To my exes, thank you for showing me my self- worth!
To the people who no longer walk this path with me, thank you for being the sandpaper which made my ship smooth!
To my friends who still walk this path with me, thank you for your love, loyalty, respect & truth!
To the heavenly states I have experienced, thank you for showing me how it can be!
To nature, thank you for always putting me in a state of calm & bliss!
To music, thank you for always leading me home, back to me!
To Our Heart Centre, thank you for the joy, the pain, the growth, the laughter, the continuous love!
To Our Heart Centre Family, thank you for continuing your healing & growth to make your lives & our beautiful planet a better place!
To my son, thank you for being the extension of my love into this world!
To my husband, thank you for being my rock & my pillar no matter what!
To me, thank you for always giving your absolute best!

When you turn your forgiveness into gratitude, life gives you more to be grateful for instead of more to forgive!!

In Love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟