How Is Your Heart Feeling?

How is your heart feeling?

Each of us is going through our own turmoil, our own pain, our own growth, our own healing which is truly unique to ourselves.

Every day you wake up and start to put together information about yourself – who you are, married, kids, house, car, work, what you believe in, etc. You also attach feelings to all of the above – happy, content, sad, angry, etc.

I would like to share an incredible tool with you. So simple and SO effective.

When you go to bed this evening, tell yourself how you would like to feel in the morning – rested, grateful, excited, etc. Now imagine what that would feel like when you wake up and then feel it all the way through.

If need be, put a little note next to you for when you wake up with the word that you chose to feel.

Give it a go, you have much to gain!!

In Love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟