Meet people where they are at.

This morning at gym I smiled at a young woman with the most beautiful physique. As I was admiring her, and her commitment to her training, she gave me a kind of ‘what are you looking at’ glance…

I was reminded of when I was a young woman (about a year or so ago 😂😂😂) in my 20’s, I really couldn’t stand people looking at me. I was super self conscious and always wondered why they stared. 

Someone said something to me which changed my life at that point. “Perhaps they are looking at you in admiration?” Well, this just clicked and quite literally changed SO much in my world!

I started to look inwards. I started to look at myself on every single level. I realised just how much I despised myself due to the emotional, mental and physical abuse I had been through. I started to mend all the parts of me which appeared broken, but in truth, were just waiting for me to love them.

When we start to see other’s pain and love them there, this is what makes the difference!!

I walked up to her and told her I think she is beautiful and she absolutely beamed!!!

Meet people where they are at!

Love people where they are at!

It might just help you love yourself just a little more…

In Love always, 


Our Heart Centre 💟