Your Own Healing Path.

On Friday night I was reading poetry I have written over the years and I realized that the first to help you up are those who know how it feels to fall down. Maybe it’s why we fall in the first place, to learn to help.

I am so truly grateful for all the times I have fallen down. I am so truly grateful I am able to guide those who fall on how to get up.

Something I stand by is that I will not do the work for you, I shine a light for you, and I will reach out my hand when you reach for mine. It is YOUR lesson and therefor YOUR victory when you stand up and you learn the lesson and gain the growth. It is not my victory and joy to discover, it is yours.

I received this beautiful picture attached from a sister who broke away from Our Heart Centre a year and a half ago, and attached she said “Thank you, I’m grateful.” This message filled my heart with SUCH joy. When people choose to part from the offerings I give, I know somewhere down the line they will understand. But not many reach back, so this just made my day!!

I know I am a constant trigger for everyone, that is my job. You’re triggered, good! ☺️😍 That means there’s something inside of you which needs to be addressed and healed.

I cannot promise you anything except the vibration of love. To me, love is healthy and firm boundaries; Respect; Care; Open communication; Straight truth; Freedom; Comfort; Peace; Joy.

I wish you love!!

In Love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟

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