I Am African.

I am African!!! I am so damn proud to be African!!! 😍🦋

I stay in Africa because I believe in Africa and the African people!! A powerful nation who has overcome and continues to overcome the greatest adversities.

To those who have left or are leaving, I don’t judge your decision to leave. However, I get the HELL in when you talk badly about our beautiful country, YOU are part of the problem. By all means, please leave so that we can sort out the greatest issue in the world. ONLY South Africa has the guts to go through the eye of the needle, face racism in ALL it’s MANY forms and  fight the good fight. No where in the world has there been apartheid and reverse apartheid on the levels that we experience, and yet, here we stand!!! 👊🏽

To my fellow South Africans who believe in this nation, right or wrong, good or bad… Who truly believe in planting that tree for the next generation, knowing full well you will not enjoy it’s shade, I salute you!! I stand by your side building a better today, one step at a time.

My brothers and sisters of the HUMAN RACE, I will purge my lungs out for this country. We are better together!!

Let’s shift the perception starting with ourselves. Let us stop the go to of ‘but the government this or that’, and let’s embrace our people with our hearts, and together, we can and will shift the vibrations into the next, higher frequency. 

In Love always,


Our Heart Centre 💟