Children Are Precious.

Children are precious!!! Seriously, seriously precious!! You were once a child too.

Do you remember when you were a child and the things that you went through and dealt with? Why do we, as adults, get so damn caught up in our own selves and not see that we are inflicting pain and doing the same things to our precious children??

To those of you who are involved someone with children, for REAL, you are not just dating a man/woman, you are dating a mom/dad!! Please, please don’t forget that!!

Believe you me, I made so many crazy mistakes along the way as a single mom, ones I have owned up to and atoned for, but after my last relationship with a narcissistic, self-centered lesson, I was not going to ever allow another being to treat my child (or myself) badly.

Being a single mom with many wounds, I had a typical ‘saviour’ complex and wanted to help these broken men because I could see their abandonment issues, feel their pain, understand their torment. Because of my own childhood trauma and what my own child had gone through (and was still going through), I felt the need to fix, fix, fix that which actually just needed fixing in my own life.

Believe me, I am so deeply grateful for the lessons, for the people, for the choices because I am able to stand in my capacity as a relatable therapist and healer to assist others on their path. I do just want to make you aware of these patterns and the patterns we pass onto our own children.

When I met Paul, I insisted that he first meet Adrian before we start dating, I would not be pouring my heart and soul into someone again unless I have my son’s approval. Well, within ten minutes of meeting, Paul went to the loo and Adrian turned to me and said, marry him mom. We dated for 6 months before we had an alone weekend away. It was as important for Paul that Adrian was included in everything we did. He knew that being a single mom, with no biological father present, I was everything to Adrian and therefor he included him.

They teach each other, they love each other, they respect each other…

I set a precedent from the start with this relationship, therefor, I have not been disappointed in any way. Our children actually DO know, so listen to them!! It saves us and them from deep trauma and in doing so, they will lead better lives due to these choices we make now.

In Love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟

*Pls note that I have healed my trauma. I share these messages simply to shine a light and guide souls home. 💚