Give Yourself Permission To Let Go and Grow.

Years back I went through a really intense break up. I loved him deeply, but he was absolutely not even close to the right person for me.

With the break up I parted ways with many friends because they believed his lies. At the time, it truly hurt me. People who I had given my all to, people who I thought were really close. It amazed me how these people knew my heart and love, but still doubted me because of untruths surrounding the situation. 

Over the years, one by one, I have been receiving apologies from these people who saw the truth for themselves. I forgive, I truly do, but I certainly don’t want these people back in my life, I’m not interested at all. When I give, I give one million percent of myself, but I have learnt my own value.

I made peace years ago with my ex, but through it all, so many beautiful lessons presented themselves and I grabbed them with open arms. 😍

Again, I am not writing this post for myself, I honestly know who I am and I have the most incredible friends in my life. I am writing this post for someone who needs to hear this…

Leave the people behind who don’t see you. It doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you wise. Learn, grow, become more. By holding on to pain, resentment and anger towards others, you only hold yourself there too.

Let go and let be, the right people DO come around and you will love yourself enough to know who is worthy of your precious time and love.

In Love always,


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