Choose What’s Right and Wrong for Yourself.

I absolutely LOVE to watch anything that teaches, like My Octupus Teacher, (Un) well, Explained, Love in the Spectrum, etc.

But I also absolutely love to watch anything through which I can observe and understand human psychology and behaviors better. A series such as This is it, A million little things, and now I am endulging in Alone. What an incredible series!! Truly remarkable!!

When I first started my deep spiritual journey with others (my whole life has been this, however, I am referring to walking the path of holding, guiding and teaching) I was pretty hard on myself as I kept on hearing other teachers and guides saying that watching a series or movie is bad for you; Going out is bad for you; Alcohol is bad for you; Etc, etc.

After some time in contemplation on this a few years back, I realized this was all just a part of the Spiritual ego. I am able to be deeply spiritual, deeply human, deeply me all at the same time. I absolutely LOVE to dance, so I go to places with like minded people and dance. I love to watch interesting movies and series, so I watch them, not the mindless, veg state ones. I love to have a glass of wine or a whiskey, so I do that in moderation. I love to have a cup of coffee, so I do that too in moderation. And so on, and so on.

My point is this, don’t let ANYONE tell you what’s right and wrong for YOU!! You get to choose what feels right, you know it, deep down inside. If something is reaching for you and has you in its clutches, yes, assess that. But, if you are in control, and you are reaching for it and not hurting anyone in the process, yourself or others, go for it and enjoy it.

This life is for living, don’t believe it’s a curse!! Enjoy your journey and have fun!!

*side note: A reminder that I write these notes for anyone who needs to read them. These are my thoughts and are written here for motivation for others.

In Love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟