Take Control of Your Day!

Think about it, you woke up today!!! That, my friend, a miracle in and of itself… Many people did not, so start with a thank you. 😍

As you open your eyes, decide what kind of day you are going to have. Decide right now. Do you want peace, success, happiness? How do you want to feel today? Happy, successful, confident, peaceful? Decide right now.

The day comes when we decide that it no longer serves us to blame our parents, our family, our boss, our circumstances or anyone or anything else, and we decide it’s time to move forward simply because we’re worth it. And that’s the day, despite our circumstances, that we begin to discover just how powerful we really are.

When you take absolute control and responsibility for your life, your actions, your feelings… That is when your life takes on a whole new course.

This is YOUR life, live it on purpose!

In Love always,


Our Heart Centre 💟