If you are not prepared for the truth, don’t ask the question… Do I look fat in these jeans? Was I being an ass? Could I have done better? Did I hurt you? Etc etc…

People like to argue, it’s the strangest thing 🤷🏻‍♀️ Just to be right… I would honestly rather be happy than right, so I walk away from arguments with a smile on my dial 😍

When people ask for my truth, I give it as I see/feel/understand it. That’s it. But so many want the ‘truth’ served the way they prefer it. Truth is truth, we need to stop sugar-coating it to make people comfortable or keep them small. No, truth is empowering, it is free, it is open and strong.

Truth is what it is. When we don’t like what it looks, sounds, feels or tastes like, it is us who go running around and away from truth looking for something that looks, sounds, feels and tastes better to suit our needs.

So next time you are offered truth, sit with it. See what inside of you is being triggered and start to heal that part. That is the part which needs love and attention. Face it, heal it and move forward freely.

The truth really DOES set you free!

In Love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟