Who and what is Our Heart Centre

When I started serving Ayahuasca with a group in Johannesburg, South Africa, she (Ayahuasca) said to me that what is sorely lacking is integration. For me personally it was really quite simple, I was given lessons and deep understandings which I immediately applied to my life. It felt truly obvious to me. I had been working with energy and sound healing for many years, so this came quite naturally to me.

But I realized what she was telling me… 10 percent of the ceremony is in the actual shamanic setting, and the other 90 percent of the ceremony is in the ceremony called life.

I took to heart what she was asking and started a healing Centre called Our Heart Centre about four years ago which is based on integration. After all, it doesn’t help you have all these beautiful ‘Aha’ moments without applying them!! So, we firstly give integration sessions as part of your ceremony retreat where we assist you in unpacking your ceremony, and then assist you to see how you can apply it in your life and offering support.

In our team we also have a nutritionist who assists with our Wellness days and retreats. I also ensure that people understand their eating and health have to firstly be in check before attending a medicine retreat.

We also hold couples retreats and ladies retreats on San Pedro. These are retreats which are SO desperately needed. I could carry on for pages with just how incredible these retreats are. We also have family connect ceremonies, ladies mornings, Sound workshops, Voice Opening ceremonies, Chakra workshops, etc.

And now, with lock down, we have expanded to online courses with our Shadow, EGO, Creating your Magik and Chakra workshops. We have also been holding our ladies and conscious Couples online mornings which have been an incredible support to people during this challenging time… It has been amazing reaching the US, UK, Israel, Vietnam, Namibia, Australia and all over SA.

So yes, integration, integration, integration!!!

We have retreats at a beautiful animal sanctuary for animals which are needing rehabilitation. Lions, tigers, wolves, jaguars and more… Holding sacred space with these powerful, guiding creatures over these years has been profound, to say the least. Healing of both animal, human and planet consciousness.

We also have a fund a called the Our Heart Centre Butterfly effect. We have adopted Jewel, the jaguar, to bring awareness to these magnificent creatures and shedding light on the harm that humans cause with hunting, etc. We also sponsor local animal shelters, collect plastic bottle tops which we then make wheelchairs for the poor, and in that, bringing awareness to the use of plastic and what it’s doing to our planet.

There is SO much more I could talk about, but I will end with this, our slogan…

💚🦋 Only Kindness Matters 🦋💚

In Love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟