Removing Guilt And Shame.

It’s truly a beautiful place to be when you start to see life clearly.

To be in a space where you respond versus react. Where you truly listen to other people’s perspectives without trying to make them see yours. Where you understand that everything that is happening around you is going to happen anyway, with or without you, so you only have control over how you respond to it all, and this is going to determine how you feel.

I love this dance of enlightenment, a dance of unfolding and understanding…

It has taken me years to finally feel the freedom of religious indoctrination and dogma, belief systems of a society that thrives under guilt and shame.

Guilt and shame, these are what keep us from love!! These are the walls we build around ourselves which keep us from being and experiencing exactly who we are, which is pure love consciousness. Once we are able to recognize each time we feel guilt and shame and then work our way back to what caused this, we break down these barriers, ripping down the mind-made walls which keep us from our true experiential state of love.

Guilt and shame are not emotions!!! They are made in the mind. They are not true feelings, they are just flood gates which you have constructed in your mind to block your flow of love.

Get back to who you truly are!!

The sun does not say “I need to learn to illuminate.” The sun is illumination itself!!! Just as you do not need to learn to love yourself, you ARE love itself. You only need to remove that which is blocking you from experiencing yourself as love.

In Love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟