The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine

A few months ago I was guided by Spirit to no longer bring focus to healing the divine feminine as a collective, or healing the divine masculine as a collective. It’s been something we have explored, worked on, healing for quite a few years with the beautiful souls who attend our retreats and workshops. There are many reasons for this, but the major ones came to me in medicine work. The more you focus on bringing power to the Divine feminine, the more you are saying the feminine are not empowered. And the same with the masculine. You and I can sit for hours and talk about the wounds in the feminine. You and I can sit for hours and talk about the wounds in the masculine. It will purely be a “Yes, but the feminine did this or that”, or “but the masculine did this or that”… This only brings polarity. Believe me, this is a game as old as time. It is time that game came to an end if we want healing for ALL! How? We need to focus within ourselves. We need to heal the divine feminine and the divine masculine within. The feminine I was for many years was born out of the masculine wounding. The masculine I was for many years was too born out of the feminine wounding. Going deeply within and healing ALL aspects that were hurt, concepts that were skew and perceptions that were distorted brought me to the place I am today. I am surrounded by the absolutely amazing masculine and feminine beings who support and love each other and me the way it should be. I used to attract the opposite because of the wounds I carried within. I was around those who supported my unconscious vibrations I sent out to confirm what I believed about the masculine and feminine. I encourage you to go deeply within to heal those wounds. I encourage you to notice patterns, thoughts and behaviors in your life which need love and healing. You are worth it!! The balance within creates the balance without. ~ Angy-Lee ~ Our Heart Centre 💚