The Masks we Wear

From little we are taught to wear masks. We watch as our parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, ministers, etc behave in specific ways around certain people, but other ways around others. It is extremely confusing as kids, however, we subconsciously pick up these same patterns.

I did this for so many years… Behaving this way in front of that person because it was expected. Dressing that way in front of another because it was expected or desired. My work mask, my social mask, my friends mask, my family mask, my church mask, my relationship mask, and and and… Eventually, I couldn’t tell who I was under ALL these layers, all these masks. It was confusing and oh so tiring!!

When you drop every single mask, there beneath it all lies the most beautiful, precious gem. I am me, simply, perfectly, beautifully me. The way I am in front of you, I can assure you is the way I behave in front of my friends, family, work, at home and most importantly, when I am alone.

I encourage you to start removing the masks one by one. Trust yourself enough to know that you are amazing without a mask. And those who don’t see it, don’t get to share in the wonder that is YOU!!

~ Angy-Lee ~

Our Heart Centre 💚