I Am In Awe.

I am in awe and in wonder at the ability to move my fingers… How wonderful to be the species who have the ability to pick things up and hold them. To stear a car. To make food. Etc, etc…

I am in awe and in wonder at the ability to smile. When I am happy, my lips curve up at the side and my whole face changes. When I am feeling down I can just think of something which makes me happy and my lips respond with a smile, creating a happy face and a happy heart… This is then contagious, as I can smile at others and they get to smile too! 

I am in awe and in wonder at our ability to think. So many people want to shut their minds down, they want to stop thinking. Why?? Oh my gosh, what an incredible tool our mind is!!! If you go to the loo with a bad tummy, it’s because of something you ate, right?? It’s the same with the mind. What are you feeding it that it’s driving you up the wall? Feed it beauty. Feed it wonder. Feed it love. Feed it good vibrations. Feed it good people. The results are absolutely incredible!

I am in awe and in wonder of nature. When last have you stopped and smelt a flower & looked at its beauty? When last have you looked up at the stars and felt the magnificence of the night sky? When last have you walked on grass and felt it massaging you feet and help you ground and let go of all you are carrying?

I am in awe and in wonder of my beautiful family and friends. They hold me up, they love me, they encourage me, they trust me. What an absolute treasure they are. They help me to be a better me just by being exactly who they are. I am truly blessed by these incredible souls!!

Have you counted your blessings today?

What leaves you in awe and in wonder?

In love always,


Our Heart Centre 💟