Being flexible.

My favorite colour today differs from tomorrow. My favourite song today differs from tomorrow. My favorite meal differs from tomorrow. In my flexibility I get to choose differently ALL the time, and have SO much fun in it.

We get rigid in life because we have said something and then we ‘have to stick to it’ because we said it, and then we try to convince ourselves (and others) all the time of the specific choice we made. It doesn’t matter, it can be different every day, ever hour.

We get in our own way by being so rigid in our lives. We loose out on all the beauty around us because we are so focused on just one way/path/thing/belief system/etc.

We repeat old patterns to ourselves continuously and get stuck inside our own minds as a prison. Free yourself by freeing your thinking. If you keep on telling yourself a story, your entire body and the world around you is responding to that story you keep telling yourself.

Just for today, tell yourself a different story, you might just be surprised!

In Love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟