Fitting In…

Nine out of ten people who come to see me have deep fears about what others think of or view them. This is a deep, core issue which most of us develop as children to fit in.

I understand this issue very well. All I ever wanted was to fit in. Fit in at school, fit in with family, fit in at church, fit in at work, etc.

Societies continue to tell you you’re not good enough with their advertising. If you have this body, you will fit in. If you wear these clothes, you will fit in. If you use these creams, you will not age. If you get botox, colour your hair, tan your skin, etc, then you will be accepted and fit in. All these unreachable goals and standards are set. Wow, the pressure is real!!

I realized years ago that it didn’t matter what I did or said, I was never going to please everyone. I was ‘doomed’ to fail if I tried to make everyone like me. So, being true to me and me only, I found more and more joy from within and fit into myself.

I stand in truth always! Even if I stand alone, it does not matter, because I have to put my head down on my pillow at night and deal with me… So truth it was, is and always will be.

I keep my attitude up-beat and positive. It’s amazing how a positive attitude can piss people off. For real! But it’s not for others, it’s for me. What matters is how I feel!

I dress according to my own tastes. What a freeing experience this is! Sometimes I wear make up, sometimes I don’t. I know the feeling of ‘having’ to wear make up as war paint. The feeling of having to show the world the best version of you all the time. How tiring!! Now I wear make up when I feel like it, and when I don’t, I embrace my natural beauty.

Having said all of this (there is so much more, but for the sake of the reader I am keeping it brief), I have real-eye-sd that there can be ten people standing in front of me. And because of those ten people’s past and current realities, they will ALL view me differently according to their realities. One may have had a mother with dark hair and blue eyes and I remind them of her, and according to their relationship, they will either love or reject me. Another’s husband may have had an affair with someone who looks like me, they will then automatically reject me. Another may have a sister who dresses like me and they love her, so they automatically love me. And so on…

Do you see how who and what you are has nothing to do with how people perceive you? It truly has EVERYTHING to do with themselves. You just cannot take anything personally!! So truly, what you think of me has nothing to do with me…

And now, watch your own perceptions of the people around you. It really is fascinating once you start to become cognizant of it. How you reject or accept people according to behaviors, looks, etc.

This is why we created the slogan at Our Heart Centre of 💚 Only Kindness Matters 💚
Because truly, when we get out our own way, we will realize we can ABSOLUTELY find a connection with each person. We can find that spark of creation within each other’s eyes. And then truly live our slogan!!

In Love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟