A Process Of Unfolding.

A very dear friend asked me this yesterday, and I thought I would share…

“Something to ponder over. If we are all immortal Souls, why do we all have varying degrees of amnesia and are not able to recall the millions of years we’ve lived previously?”

Now these are the type of conversations I absolutely LOVE to engage in. 😍

My response…
I love the discovering, uncovering and unfolding process. It brings me such joy when I find the clues!! Bravo to Ang who hid these gems SO many gazillion years ago ☺️☺️☺️😍🦋

I truly find it fascinating how we created our own maps to find our way home. How we left clues, hints and signs to guide us back to our true state of being, which is pure love. What wonderful creatures we are!!!

What hidden truths are lying just benieth the surface for you to discover?
Do you listen and follow your inner guidance, your inner compass?

Living a clean, healthy lifestyle keeps my awareness clear for messages and signs. Knowing the rule of input VS output regarding what I put in my ears, eyes and mouth will determine how clear I am energetically to receive more of the quality information, hidden gems and guidance.

Enjoy your journey to Self!!

In Love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟