Exercise and Health.

I wish I knew this LONG ago 🤔😆 Physical training is for your health, how you ‘look’ after is a bonus!!!

Yup, when I trained/exercised as hard as I did, especially in my 20’s, it was to look a certain way. The last few years I have been training for my health… Wow, what a different feeling completely!!!

If you train/exercise to ‘look’ a certain way, you will never look good enough in your own eyes. You will only find faults continuously and keep falling short. If you train/exercise to ‘feel’ good, what a WIN!!! Endorphins are released, your heart gets pumping and you walk away with a smile on your dial. I feel driven to write this post because SO many are not doing any form of physical exercise. Why, because SO many feel like:

1. It’s too late, I’m fat and it will be too much effort to lose weight.

2. Why should I, no one will look at me.

I cannot stress this enough, your body is what carries you ALL the time. You really need to look after this beautiful creation you have been given. So many people die from all sorts of problems due to not taking care of their bodies, or realising it too late.Take just half an hour a day to do some stretches, yoga, walk, exercise. Especially during this lock down, it is VITAL for your mental health to do some form of physical activity! Candice Helena, an incredible yoga instructor, is running online group classes and private yoga sessions, she is absolutely incredible!!!

Louise Stansell-Laird is the most incredible nutritionist EVER!! She will guide you on how and what to eat that’s right for you. She has helped both me and my family, and so many of Our Heart Centre family find their way to the right nutrition and healthy habits. Please request their numbers if you are interested 👏🏾

Please beautiful people, give yourself the gift of health!!!


In Love always,


Our Heart Centre 💟