Thank Your Teachers For All Your Lessons.

As I was parking my car one day, I saw a man I worked with years ago walking into Woolworths. Seeing him brought up so many painful memories, and with them, all the feelings I experienced at the time. Deep feelings of hurt, anguish, resentment, etc.

I quickly parked my car and went into the shop to find him. I was already narrating in my head what I was going to say…

Let me tell you a bit about him. He was a real piece of work! I would be sitting in a meeting with a client which I told him about (he was the account manager) and he would literally just pitch up and completely take over and say things to make me feel and look small and irrelevant to the client. Every single time, without failure, my clients would ask me who the hell he thinks he is and they would say that he is an asshole. This man would then go back to head office and say that my client doesn’t want to deal with me and that I’m really bad at my job so that he could take over the sale and look like a hero.

My narration in my head when I saw him went along these lines…
“You were a real bastard to me. I really hope you get what’s coming to you. Why were you so damn nasty to me? You will fail in life because of who you are. How could you blatantly lie to everyone and to my face? I hope you’re unhappy!”

And then I stopped…

Yes, I am stronger!
Yes, I am in the most amazing place in my life!
Yes, I am genuinely happy!
Yes, I have received what I most deserve in life!
Yes, I have earned who and what I am and what I have!

For a moment, we get so caught up in who did what to us. How people wronged us. How situations can bring ALL those feelings and emotions up in us…

I am SO glad I caught myself in this situation because I was able to reflect back to a moment in time when I was so desperately sad in a situation and around people who were just absolutely awful, and reflect on it in gratitude for where I am now. For how do you know light, unless you know dark? How do you know right, unless you know wrong?

Thank you teachers, I am truly grateful!!

Take a moment to reflect on those people and situations which have taught you the opposite of love and give them thanks, for they are your greatest teachers.

In Love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟