The Blame Game.

Blame! Everyone loves to blame everyone else in order to not look at themselves.

We blame our parents, we blame our exes, we blame our work, we blame our colleagues, we blame our family, etc etc etc.

I want to challenge you during this lock down to sit down and write out a list of ALL the people you blame for everything you feel has gone wrong with you and that was wronged unto you.

When you are done with your list, take an honest look at

what was your role in this situation?
what did you learn from this situation?
did you grow from this situation?
are you gaining anything from holding onto resentment/anger/hurt in this situation?
There is always something to learn from every single situation. You can either allow the situation to help you to grow or to keep you locked in with all the feelings of anger, hurt, etc. Or you can firstly forgive yourself for not seeing it, allowing it to happen, trusting, etc etc. And then you can give that person the freedom from the situation you’re keeping them locked into, thereby freeing yourself and moving on.

In the end, you will find, there is nothing to forgive. There can only be gratitude (maybe not immediately, but at some point down the line) for the situation, as it shifted you to where you should go. It helped you in the evolution of your soul.

In gratitude to ALL who taught me, I dedicate this post.

In Love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟