The Experience of Lack, Teaches us to Value

While you might, from time to time, envy others, it’s precisely during those moments when you might ask yourself whether or not you’d actually like to be them. When I was younger, I used to look at various people with wealth, beauty, different home life, etc etc and I wished I could have what and who they had in their lives…

Through so much inner work, I realized that I would not change a single thing!!!

I am so deeply grateful because I value every single thing in my life BECAUSE of the circumstances I was brought up in and lived through. 

I value each and every person in my life, including myself, because of what I felt I lacked in my life.

What a gift!!!

I am grateful to my parents, my circumstances, my school, my church, my family and everything and everyone… I am who I am today BECAUSE of every single lesson I received through it all. I am who I am thanks to the people I have encountered in my life. 


Count your blessings in love, not in blame…