Do Good, Feel Good.

I was thinking to myself, how did I get so fortunate being surrounded by the truly incredible people who stand by my side? And a moment later I thought, no Ang, it’s not fortune, you have earned this every step of the way. I have given without expecting back, loved from a true heart, cared because it’s my nature.

Karma is my friend, it serves me what I serve.

Everything I do, absolutely everything, is about me. How does it feel? How do I feel? If it feels right, I do it. If it brings me joy, I go with that. We are meant to feel good! Every time I have done the opposite of this, I have bumped my head ☺️☺️☺️ and then learnt 🤣🤩👏🏾

I hope you do what feels good for you!! I hope you feel good because if what you do!! After all, it’s all your own karma 😍🥰

Wishing you a feel good day!!

In Love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟