Shadow work

I have been playing with all the ideas and thoughts revolving around ‘light’ and ‘dark’… The shadow self we are so petrified of facing has been somewhat intriguing to me over the years, and of course, I had to delve deeper into this understanding…

My first toe wetting experience into these waters, I felt totally flipped inside out because my whole life had been searching for that ‘light’, trying to BE that light, showing people the ‘lighter’ side coz, it’s perceived as good, positive, ‘right’, uplifting and of course, your pass into Heaven’s gates… right?

Boy was my perception skewered! In trying so desperately all these years to live up to this impossible task, I was denying myself of knowing who I really am… I was denying myself feelings that felt ‘bad’, ‘wrong’ and destructive… Because who wants to feel anything but happy, right?!?!

So back to my point… What is light without dark? What has made us fear the night so deeply? A seed has been planted… one of fear, one of evil. Think back to when you were a kid. Did you just suddenly start to think there were monsters under your bed or in your cupboard at night? Or did someone plant that seed there? And why at night or in the dark?? In the daytime, in the light, those same monsters were non existent!!

So I decided to shine a light there in my dark places in my soul and I found them to be my most beautiful places!! Hidden treasures I found and caves unexplored… In this treasure chest I found deep sadness, a beautiful sadness which I had locked away for so many years. It was the most exquisite release of pure energy… My life force was returning!! I could FULLY be happy because I could FULLY be sad! Thereafter I looked and found so many beautiful shadow’s within my soul which have made me feel more and more complete within myself! I no longer needed to search for something external to complete me, to make me feel whole…

My search for light had helped me discover my dark… How absolutely beautiful!!

So let’s investigate this a bit further… What is anger? If someone attacks me, this shadow part of me is able to come to play because I have made friends with it, I am able to use it to defend myself!! When I use it to intentionally hurt or harm someone because I am lashing out, well, that is when I will deal with karmic issues… If I am sad and I fully feel sad and express this through tears and emotion, I am able to bring so much creativity to my world in my emotion, and in turn, use this sadness for the good of my soul. But when I use tears and sadness as a tool to manipulate, once again, karma to deal with. And so we go through all these shadows…

So feel who you are! Investigate fully who and what you are… Don’t be afraid to do so because of what you have been taught revolving around others beliefs!! Ignorance, my friends, is not bliss…

Knowing, understanding and embracing my dark has helped me shine brighter than I could ever have imagined!!

In love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟