I strongly suggest that people stop labeling themselves. When you label, you box. When you place yourself in that box, you automatically limit yourself from growth.

When people ask me if I am vegan or vegetarian, etc. My response is that I eat a plant based diet, and when I feel like fish or organic chicken, I have not then limited myself OR make myself wrong when my body wants it, nor have I made everyone else wrong in the process.

When people ask me what my religion is, my response is that the word religion means ‘to bind’. I do not believe in a Creator/Source who binds. I believe in freedom in the creation. Freedom to express, explore, create, love, learn, grow, etc. And again, to limit myself to just one way or form of thinking then makes everyone else wrong in the process.

I cannot tell you how it hurts me to my core when I see vegans, vegetarians, meat eaters, etc being nasty to others because of their own personal choices. I truly believe in guiding gently, making suggestions lovingly, holding each other through mistakes, lessons, and so on. And it is exactly the same with religion. What actually makes you right and another person wrong? Are they not also a person born from the Creator?

Be gentle with each other. We are human KIND, not human unkind.

💚 Only Kindness Matters 💚

In Love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟