Strengthen Yourself For Those Difficult Days.

Since lock down started, I felt incredible peace and a deep knowing that things are shifting and changing for the better.

Our family decided at the start that we were going to keep ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy and in a good space.

We had the most amazing time connecting and creating even deeper bonds within our family unit and within ourselves. Beautiful realizations were made and we created a space where we are so solid within ourselves and each other.

Last Tuesday morning was the start of much upheaval in our lives. There were some major tests that came through along with some really big decisions that we all three went through and had to take steps into unknown territory. It was tough!!!

I’m so grateful we kept ourselves in great shape mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually from the start. This helped us move through the difficult days so much easier! A springboard into the next ☺️

I got to understand cyber bullying and social media on a whole new level. No, it is NOT ok, but it is still a thing… It is something we, as a society, need to deal with. I’m not quite sure how, but I do know this… There are a lot of wounded people out there bleeding all over everyone else. I will absolutely write a separate piece to assist all parents, and adults too, with how to manage this.

I delved deeper into the understanding of Shadow work. Huh, fancy that!!! I started a Shadow work workshop last week!! 🤣👏🏾 People and psychology fascinate me SO much!! It is very interesting to me how different people hold their shadows, deny their shadows, project their shadows and love their shadows so much they keep allowing them to hold them down. Fascinating!!

I see how us, as a family unit, have taken all these wonderful lessons and used it as fuel to make us stronger and better humans!! We each know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, how we have each other’s backs. How we hold each other in true love and we have grown with even deeper love for ourselves and all of humanity!

This, to me, is very much like the pandemic we are all finding ourselves in. We can choose to be our old selves, carry on the same way we always did and always were… Or, we can strengthen our bodies, immune systems and our positive attitudes. And when the inevitable happens, we recover quickly and we are then stronger and better after.

I hope this message has touched you in a positive light and that you too are finding strength, courage and vigour to move through your trying times to find relief in, and growth on the other side!!

In Love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟