Put In The Effort, Reap The Reward.

I had a client who came through yesterday. We had some deep, beautiful discussions after his session and I would love to share this with you. This man came to me two years ago riddled with anxiety, depression and a whole lot of intense trauma.

He said to me that I don’t actually understand how bad it was for him two years back with negative thought patterns, extreme anxiety and how he had constant suicidal tendencies. A ‘negative’ thought popped into his head the other day and it took him by surprise, but it also made him try to think about how long ago he actually had these constant thoughts. He says he actually got into his car last week and deliberately took roads he didn’t know to see if the anxiety would come back, and it was gone. Coping with the Covid-19 has been a breeze for him because of his healing.

Wow, tears of joy!!! This man has put in the effort!! I cannot walk the path for my clients, I can only guide and shine a light. He followed the steps, he went and lived in the real world and started to shift perceptions, did deep healing and attended all the empowering workshops I offered.

Everyone around him is benefitting too. His beautiful son is getting a loving, anxiety free, depression free dad. I just HAD to share this message…The more you put in, the greater the reward!! YOU are so worth it!

In Love always,


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