Blogging, My Next Step…

Wow, me, blogging!! I would never have guessed…

Here I am, technologically challenged Ang, blogging. Pretty much like most of my life, I have crossed thresholds I would never have thought to cross, but the Universe had other plans with my life and, like everything else in my life, I trust. It has led me on amazing paths, exciting turns and many crossroads.

I have eased into a life of discovery, expecting to learn and create new things every single day, and that is exactly what I am given. It took me many years of learning this skill, and my goodness, I am so very grateful for all the lessons and all the teachers and teachings which came my way.

I decided to start blogging to keep notes and tags of all the lessons which come up, both for me and for my clients. These lessons and musings could touch someone on a particular day that they might need it, and it hopefully encourage growth and healing, and provide comfort to those who feel alone or misunderstood.

I guess, one day when I am ready to write my book, these notes will all come in handy. So, until my messages for you come, keep well, stay safe and enjoy your journey inward during this time of reflection and change.

In love always,