Easter is a time that I deeply resonate with. It’s a time where we get to look at our personal crosses that we carry, and lay them down. I love that Easter is over Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere, as Autumn is the time where we shed old patterns and behaviors which no longer serve. 🍂🍃🍁

Many years ago I went through an extremely intense dark night of the soul, and when I woke up on Easter Sunday (which happened to be my birthday 😍), I literally rose as a new being and my life started to blossom from that moment forward in the most beautiful, profound ways. 

This weekend, we are hosting a retreat which I’m super excited about, and on Easter Sunday it’s my birthday 😍 Rising anew on Easter Sunday on my 50th birthday, I mean?! 🐣 The stars have aligned and I am so deeply grateful to the entire Universe for it all!!

I encourage you today to look at what crosses, burdens, patterns and behaviors you would like to lay down so you can walk free from the weight that’s holding you back from being your best version. Over the weekend, sit in your personal cave and clear out the dust, and then on Sunday, take a moment as you breathe in the symbolic new breath to give gratitude for all you are, all you have accomplished and how much you have grown through it all.

Happy Easter 💛🌞🌈🦋

~ Angy-Lee ~