Sewing The Seeds of Love.

A few weeks back I went to look at a property. This lady offered us tea or coffee, I asked for tea and asked if she perhaps had almond milk. She asked why don’t I drink regular milk and I explained that I don’t touch dairy. I didn’t go on a rampage about why the dairy industry is so bad, I simply told her that dairy causes mucus build up and congestion and that I don’t have any chest or sinus issues since I stopped.

I took my hubby back a few days later, she offered tea with almond milk. In the four days since I had seen her, she stopped dairy and said the effects were profound. 🤩👏🏾

She had baked us a banana bread for our visit. How amazing is she?! Although I don’t touch wheat, oh my gosh, banana bread!!! 🤭 I explained why I don’t eat wheat and gluten and the effects it has on my body.

A week later, my hubby and I went back to the property. Again, we walk inside with the amazing smell of banana bread. She had made us wheat and gluten free banana bread!! Oh my gosh, it was amazing!! 🤤 She said that she had started making wheat free bread for their home too and they can all feel the difference!!

Do you see how I didn’t once tell her she’s wrong or what she’s doing is bad for her? I simply mentioned what I do that is working for me. I didn’t do it with an attempt to change her, I was simply sharing.

We don’t always look back to see the impact we have made on others. We don’t remember the seeds we have planted along the way, those which impacted and changed so many people’s lives on our path.

Continue to sew the seeds of love, those who ‘want’ to change or grow will water those seeds. It is your job to simply carry on sewing the seeds of love.

In Love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟