To Feel Good For The Sake of Feeling Good.

To feel good, just for the sake of feeling good… Truly amazing!!

I realized while putting one of my workshops together how people rely SO much on events, situations or other people to ‘make’ them feel good.

When I have a new car, I will feel good.
When I get that new house, I will feel good.
When I get my new job, I will feel good.
When I am married, divorced, have a baby, etc etc etc… I will feel good.

To feel good, to feel true joy, to feel at peace: these are all found within. No external event can truly give these to you unless you already have it within.

Five different people can go to an island, and all of them will have a different experience of the island because of how they feel inside.

I urge you to go within and do the work required to help you to feel good for no reason, just because it is the state that you want to feel and should be your natural state of being.

Whether through meditation, exercise, healing workshops, healing sessions, retreats, a counselor or therapist… Seek out a trusted advisor and do the work, it is SO worth the rewards!!

In Love always,