Mother and Daughter Retreat

Cost: R2200 Per Person Investment


   • Do you feel your communication with your daughter/mom needs improvement?
   • Would you like to improve your relationship with your mom/son/daughter?
   • Does it feel sometimes like you and your daughter/mom speak a different language?
   • How do you overcome and breakthrough the separation?
   • How do you rebuild a foundation of trust?
   • How do you heal, improve, and strengthen the relationship with your daughter/mother?

Your relationship with your daughter/mother is one of the most important relationships in your life! When you heal this, you heal the most important aspects of who and what you are.

Join us for this empowering Mother & Daughter Weekend Retreat to help you breakthrough the walls of mistrust and pain, so that you and your daughter/mother can develop a more connected relationship.
In this powerful Retreat, you will both learn the importance of loving and respecting yourself, making good decisions, and communicating without unnecessary emotional outbursts. You will learn how your behaviour and communication style plays a big part in confidence & security in your every day life. Not only that, but you’ll learn how to be the person your daughter/mom listens to, starting right now.
Whether you are trying to mend a damaged relationship or deepen an already connected relationship, this Breakthrough Retreat will be a powerful life-changing experience for you both.


The date for our next Mother & Daughter Retreat will be announced in 2022.


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