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Our Heart Centre, Midrand

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Are you ready to release, reset and recharge?

Join us on a transformative journey designed for resetting, releasing, and recharging your inner spirit.


Once a year we host our Women’s Retreat, which is truly one of our most Sacred Gatherings. During this amazing retreat, we share in yoga, breath work, meditation, singing, laughing, dancing, loving and healing all the incredible aspects which make us the incredible women we are. We will be healing ourselves as women, mothers, daughters and sisters while holding each other in love. Just taking a breath, a moment to release and let go all that is holding us back.

We create a new kind of friendship and sisterhood which is deep and sincere. We walk away with such deep healing in our mother wound, our lineage, our pure love. We walk away with the peace and healing we so richly deserve. When we first started hosting these magical weekends, it really astounded me how there is a running theme of trying to play catch up on true sisterhood, true connection to the Divine feminine within and without.
The Magik which exists in a circle of woman coming together to heal, to learn, to bond, to release and to love is just incredible to witness and to feel.

If you feel a calling to connect in Sisterhood, come and join us for our Women’s Retreat. It’s a time to catch your breath and immerse yourself deeply in love & healing while you are being held and guided to release your past and move boldy into your next.

What you can expect:

🦋 Shamanic Fire Release Ceremony

🦋 Healing of Past Trauma’s

🦋 Breathwork

🦋 Exploring Sound, Instruments and Drumming

🦋 Guided Sound Journey Meditations

🦋 Powerful Labyrinth Walk

🦋 Soul Dancing with the Goddess

🦋 Singing with the Goddess

🦋 Guidance and Techniques on Taking back and Standing in Your Power

🦋 Techniques on How to Listen and How to be Heard Through True Communication

🦋 Yoga

🦋 Guidance around bringing balance into your life


Please email to book your spot 💚