Sweat Lodge

Date: 20 July 2024

Time : 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Our Heart Centre, Midrand

R600 Investment

The Sweat Lodge is an ancient purification ritual… a sacred medicine practiced by many cultures worldwide.
The ceremony is used to give thanks and seek wisdom. It is a way to connect with mother earth, using the natural elements of fire, earth, water and air to heal and cleanse.
The sweat lodge is a dome shaped structure, which is intended to represent the womb of mother earth.
The ceremony itself is divided into four rounds. Each round differs… they may be held in silence, or accompanied by singing, chanting or prayers. Hot rocks are placed in the center of the lodge before each round, and during the ceremony, water is poured over the heated rocks – creating steam and increasing the temperature. The intense heat generated by the steam, encourages the sweating out of toxins and negative energies that create imbalance in our lives. In this way, the sweat lodge ceremony cleanses the body, mind and soul.
We will share a light dinner after your experience to nourish your body.🥰

Facilitator : Carla De Pretto

Carla began her Medicine Healing work 9 years ago. The medicine that she connects deepest with is the medicine of the Sweat Lodge. Her first sweat lodge in 2014 was a life changing experience and she knew that this path was her calling. Since then she has served in several sweat lodge ceremonies and has spent hundreds of hours inside this sacred medicine, deepening her own spiritual practice. She has an immense appreciation for this ancient technology because it is a space that allows for introspection, connection to mother earth, connection to the spirit world, and elicits the sense of being home.


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