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give yourself a moment of wellness
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Holistic Healing and Wellness

Holistic healing is for everyone, it is healing the whole – healing your mind, body and soul. What we heal within, we heal without.

At Our Heart Centre, we cover as many bases as we can as we teach, guide and inspire you to be the best version of you that you can be.

Our Workshops and Healing Retreats are created in such a way that there is something for absolutely everyone. Our approach is to hold you, shine a light for you to heal and to guide you to be your own true healer. We believe in empowering you every step of the way so you can move forward with confidence in who and what you are.

Once you are in alignment and harmony within yourself, you will be in alignment and harmony with the Uni-verse, the One song, flowing freely and easily with life as it breaths you deeply.

Join us for many of our empowering workshops or healing ceremonies, or come for One-on-One Healing, Therapy, Counseling, Life Coaching or Neuro Linguist Programming sessions if you want to grow, expand and change your life.

Retreats we offer at Our Heart Centre :

We host an array of Weekend Retreats which offer a more in depth space of healing for those that would like to go deep within and unfold over a few days.

These include:

Ayahuasca Retreat – Our Shamanic Team assists you in healing soul in a safe space. In this weekend long journey, you are given the space to unfold, explore and heal deep within, letting go of those aspects, patterns and thoughts that no longer serve you as the plants guide and heal in order for you to move forward healed and whole.

Couples Retreat – This is a special weekend of connecting with your partner. A beautiful opportunity to grow and learn as individuals and to integrate that into your relationship to flourish as a unit.

10 Day Heal Thyself Retreat – Nestled in the Heart of Southern Africa, we will take you on a deep journey through the depths of your soul to meet your true Self.  Ten days of total transformation! 

Adams Calendar Easter Retreat – Exploring the ancient ruins in Mpumalanga over the Easter Weekend, this is a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in this sacred history and to do some deep inner-healing work with the Our Heart Centre Team.

Women’s Retreats – An amazing Weekend Retreat of sharing, holding and healing. Teaching woman what true sisterhood is and how to integrate that into their personal lives.

Animal Connection Retreat – We go deep within the self, planetary and all creatures healing. Connecting ourselves deeply into our roots in Africa.


Day Workshops we offer at Our Heart Centre :


Shadow Work  Workshop – Exploring your shadow can lead to greater authenticity, creativity, energy and personal awakening.

Childrens Day (0-15 years) – A day where we teach important lessons, play, express and do fun things in love with these children to help them release, express, heal and love!

Kundalini Workshop – A weekend of delving deeply into unlocking and expanding the Kundalini.

Moon Workshop – There is so much power in understanding our environment. Here, we learn all about the different phases of the moon, how to connect, all the different rituals, deities and more!

Sound Workshop – We teach you about different instruments, sounds and using sound as a tool for healing.

Voice Opening Ceremony – We assist you in opening your throat Chakra, understanding your throat Chakra, your sound, what is blocking your voice with deeply healing into your unique expression of Self.

Woman’s Healing Circle – We share and connect deeply as woman. An opportunity to hold and to be held by the sisters around you in order to find alignment within.

Women’s Day – We share a whole day of celebrating being a woman. Learning and healing deeply to rise up to meet your empowered self.

Sweat Lodge – The Sweat Lodge is an ancient purification ritual… a sacred medicine practiced by many cultures worldwide. It is a way to connect with mother earth, using the natural elements of fire, earth, water and air to heal and cleanse.

Couple’s Day – We share a day of connecting, insights, understandings and growth for you as an individual and as partners. We take a look into the masculine and feminine and how to understand this within our partners and ourselves.

We also offer a Full Moon Fire Ceremony and Labyrinth Walk during every Full Moon as well as Sound Journey Meditation every Wednesday Evening from 7pm to 8pm in Midrand.



There is SO much more that we could talk about, but we will end with this, our slogan…

💚🦋 Only Kindness Matters 🦋💚